Core priorities

li-atdesk02Through conversations with residents of District 53, community leaders, faith-based leaders, and stakeholder groups, I have reached the conclusion that the majority of the challenges we face as a state are linked together. It will take a focused plan and unbiased action to conquer our obstacles. We must put families and people first, and fight against partisan ideology which centers on division, rather than unity.

While there are a number of challenges and issues we must solve, there are core priorities I will work every day to address.

  • There has been enough talk about this issue. It is time lawmakers find a stable solution to fixing our roads and bridges.

  • I believe the best way to improve the quality of life starts with first-class public schools. I believe all students in South Carolina should have high quality public schools and this shouldn’t be a privilege tied to a person’s zip code.

  • I believe we must work to recruit and retain industries to all regions of the state, and a specific focus must be placed in rural communities of the state.

  • As the son of a physician, I understand the importance of quality healthcare to the overall productivity of an individual. I believe coverage should be expanded so that families have total care, and not relegated to just emergency rooms for healthcare.

  • I strongly disagree with Governor Haley and other Republican leaders who have turned a cold shoulder to South Carolina farmers devastated by the droughts and floods of recent years. I will be a champion for South Carolina Farmers and work not only to address immediate needs of the industry, but also work to enhance the future of farming in our state.

  • The flood waters may have receded but too many still face issues as a result of the 2015 floods. I believe lawmakers in Columbia must work to ensure all impacted by the floods are able to make a full recovery.

  • Funding to our counties and cities have been devastated by the Great Recession. The state has yet to restore cuts to funding our local governments and because of this we see shortage to services related to law enforcement, pest and mosquito control, our environment, and other quality of life matters.

  • As an attorney, every day I see the good in our criminal justice system. Unfortunately, I also have witnessed the devastation caused by a system that isn’t fair and just. I believe while we must remain tough on crime, especially violent acts, we shouldn’t use the system to destroy families because of mistakes, especially those non-violent, that may be related to illnesses such as drug and alcohol abuse. We all have family and friends that have dealt with demons and illness related to drugs and alcohol abuse. Like many, I believe through faith, treatment, and compassion, we can save those lives instead of throwing them to darker elements of society.